Mid-Day Dog Walking

  A standard walk lasts approximately 30 minutes at a pace which is customized to your pooch (leisurely for senior dogs, steady for chubby dogs, brisk for high energy dogs, etc.)

  Visits can also include play-time or ball-throwing - whatever gives your dog that special joy!



               15 minute "potty break"  = $16 per stop 
               Standard 30 minutes  =  $22 per walk
               45 minutes  =  $28 per walk 

               1 hour   =   $34 per walk


           Rates are for 1 dog, Add $2 per additional dog (not applicable for non-leash walking visits)

           $3 time/fuel surcharge per visit may apply for non-westside customers Rudy & Nellie


 Pet Sitting

    An average visit typically lasts about 30 minutes and includes such activities as: Exercise, Individual Playtime; Feeding and Refilling Water; Litterbox scooping; or Administering Medications.

    Additional services can be incorporated into visits; examples include: Watering Plants; Bringing in Mail/Newspaper; Taking out Garbage/Recycling; Alternating Lights and Window Treatments

    "Quick-Stop" visits are also available for times you just need your shy cat fed, a litter box scooped, a potty break for your dog, etc. - anything that takes less than 15 minutes.


    Rates: Quigley

            $18 per Quick-Stop (15 minutes or less)

            $25 per visit for 30 minutes

            $32 per visit for 45 minutes

            $40 per visit for 60 minutes

             $3 time/fuel surcharge per visit may apply for non-westside customers 

Please Note:  The above rates are for up to 3 pets.  For additional pets, special circumstances or extra duties

you may want to consider adding extra time to the standard 30 minute visit.

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