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Who We Are:

Hi, I'm Bridget, owner of Westside Pet S.O.S.  I have always been an animal lover.  Growing up in Minnesota, my family always had pets and I loved playing with and caring for them.  As a teenager, I volunteered at our local humane society, diligently working every Saturday morning for four years - cleaning puppy cages, litter boxes, walking dogs, etc.  After high school, I went away to college at the University of Montana where I majored in Wildlife Biology.  In 2002, my partner, Loralei, and I moved to Oly and have been loving it ever since.  I have continued to have many pets in my life (currently a playful boston terrier, a rescued doberman and two lazy, senior cats).  I started Westside Pet S.O.S. in 2005 and can't imagine a better job than caring for animals when their owners are unable to.   

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Our Philosophy:                                                               

We are committed to providing quality care for your beloved pet when you can't be there.  We believe that it is important to keep your furry family member safe and comfortable, while giving personal attention tailored to each individual pet.  We know that every pet owner has a different philosophy on pet care, so we respect these differences and make every attempt to honor each client's wishes. 

We also believe in taking care of animals who are not fortunate enough to have loving, caring owners.  That's why we donate 2% of our profits to animal organizations such as Feline Friends and Old Dog Haven.


Our Specialties:               Missoula 2010          Quigley, Rudy & Queequeg

We focus on the Westside of Olympia in order to reduce travel time (and air pollution) and therefore increase the amount of time we are able to actually spend with your pet/s. 

•  We provide gentle, experienced care for animals who are shy, previously abused, ill or injured.

•  We can keep your information on file (and a copy of your keys) for hassle-free future visits.

•  We make a concerted effort to return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours in order to help you make arrangements during an emergency or unexpected event. 

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